It is with great gratitude and respect that we present you with our Winter 2021 collection. Its warm colors and rich fabrics plunge us into an atmosphere that is both vintage and romantic. This campaign is fully illuminated by natural light. This plays an essential role in transporting the work to a whole new dimension revealing sensitivity and emotion.
What makes this campaign so special is the fact that we merged the incredible talent of two passionate, dedicated & fearless photographers 📷 @biancadjardins & @her.must + We also had the chance to work with a creative, meticulous and also passionate videographer 🎥 @xelabelair.

With a constant desire to innovate in design and technology and to create the most comfortable jeans. Yoga Jeans® is a way of life;

a state of mind. We invite you to live a unique experience in your Yoga Jeans®, one that will allow your inner and outer style to be in perfect harmony.